Mass Times
Saturday 5:00pm
Sunday 8:30am, 10:30am, and 6:00pm
Friday 9:30-10:30am, Saturday 3:30-4:45pm
or by appointment



  1. 1. The dispensation of the faithful from obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains in place until decreed otherwise by the Bishop. No one is obliged to attend Holy Mass while this dispensation is in effect.
    2. Those 65 years of age or older or individuals with chronic medical conditions, are encouraged to avoid public gatherings but are not prohibited from attending Mass.
    3. Anyone attending Mass does so at their own risk.
    4. There will be no scheduled Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers, or Eucharistic Ministers required until further notice.

5. We will have new restrictions you are no longer required to phone in and book which Mass you would like to attend. You can just come; however guidelines are still in place.
6. We ask you to provide & wear a face mask when you are entering and exiting the church and during Communion. While you are at your seat you may let your mask hang. If you choose not to wear a mask you are choosing to refrain from receiving communion. Please remember physical distancing. If you have a condition that makes it not possible for you to wear a mask, please talk to Fr. Iqbal so an alternate plan can be made.
7. We need volunteers at the Masses in the following areas... Help Screening, Ushers, Lectors and Cleaners after Mass. If you would like to do any of these jobs and you are already a volunteer at Holy Family Parish, please contact the office and let us know.
8. If a Mass is full you may be asked to wait until we can figure out a seat for you, or you may come to a later Mass if we absolutely cannot fit you in. If you are not comfortable with coming out in public yet remember point #1, 2 & 3.
9. Arrive early as we need to screen all attending. If you come late you will not be able to attend, the doors will be locked. For Weekday Masses you will use the Administration Doors only. For Weekend Masses you will use the front main doors. Registration is for Government Regulations only to be kept for 2 weeks and only accessed for tracking in case of an outbreak.
10. You will be screened and then asked to sanitize your hands and then ushered to a pew. Families with children must always keep their children with them.
11. There will be no music at Mass. Collection will be in a basket at back of the church.
12. The Priest will offer a general attestation while at the Altar of “The Body of Christ” at which time the congregation shall respond “Amen”. The congregation will form one single line, remembering social distancing and proceed to receive Communion in their hand. In the present circumstances, Communion will not be distributed on the tongue. This is a temporary measure to be reviewed on an on-going basis in accordance with developing medical advice. Please follow this link as to how communion will be distributed…
13. After Mass, the congregation is to exit the church immediately, if you feel the need to visit with somebody it will have to be outside.

MASSES – MONDAY TO FRIDAY AT 9:00AM USE Administration doors,

SATURDAY AT 5:00PM Main Front Doors &

SUNDAY AT 8:30AM, 10:30AM & 6:00PM Main Front Doors