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May 31, 2015

“A young priest, just fresh out of seminary, wanted his congregation to understand the mystery of the Holy Trinity.  He brought up all explanations he got from school and all the knowledge handed out to him by the great theologians of all times.  Half an hour had passed but the priest felt that the congregation still did not get it. A little girl became restless as the priest's homily dragged on and on.  Finally, she leaned over to her mother and whispered, "Mommy, if we give him the money now, will he let us go?"

The feast of the Blessed Trinity is a kind of summary of all that the Church celebrates during the course of the liturgical year. Today we have an opportunity of realizing more intimately that the God whom we know and worship is the Father, who has created us and redeemed us in his Son and lives in us through his Holy Spirit. We are children of God, members of Christ, partakers in the divine life, Spirit-filled people.