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June 7, 2015

The Mass is both sacrifice and banquet.  The celebration of Corpus Christi this year views the Eucharist in terms of covenant, with special emphasis on its sacrificial character.  In the reading from Exodus, the covenant between Yahweh and his people is formally concluded with sacrifice and a bonding blood ritual.  Mark's Gospel today finds Jesus in the upper room celebrating his final Passover with his disciples.  In memorizing the new covenant in ritual, his words over the cup are a distinct echo of those of Moses in finalizing the Sinai covenant.  In the reading from Hebrews, Christ is high priest and mediator of the new covenant.  In his own blood, he has cleansed our conscience and given us access to God.  He gives himself to us as food and makes us his Body, the Body of Christ.

Body of Christ is not 'merely' a metaphor.  It is a physical reality, a new being brought into existence among the disciples of Jesus in the resurrection of Jesus Christ into which we are baptized.  Body of Christ is not a theology.  It is a way of being in the world with one another and with Christ because of who God is.  The body of Jesus in life, the Body of Christ in the Easter event, the Body of Christ that we are, the Body of Christ in the Eucharist, and the Body of Christ that we become more fully in the resurrection of the body - all these belong together in the Body's total meaning.

Jesus has given his body and blood for us to save and nourish our life.  How much do we appreciate it?  The Eucharist is the best thing Jesus can give us.  Do we ever take it for granted?  These questions would be good for our reflection on the feast of Jesus’ Body and Blood.  May God Bless you!