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September 7, 2014

Did you have a good summer?   It was very quiet in the office during summer months, but it was good though.  Now kids are back to school.  All programs in the parish are ready to restart again.  I’m sure that we will be busier.  There are some new programs too.  Each Catholic School will sponsor a Sunday Mass in which parents, teachers and students will serve most of liturgical functions.  St. Patrick’s will host the program “That Man Is You” this year.  Men of both parishes are invited to take part and we will continue to share the cost.  There are 2 Bible Study Groups, one on Wednesday morning and another on Thursday evening. TheYoung Adult Group will gather at least once a month at the church. There are 50 or more ministries and groups in our parish.  I believe one or more may appeal to you and your interest.  Please check it out and join us. 

At the beginning of this year I went home and sat with the congregation at Mass for the whole month since I had no permission to offer Mass as a priest!  I prayed for and thought about our parish a lot while observing how their parish functioned.  The parish church is huge. It can hold up to 2000 people and they pack the church at all 4 Masses during the weekend.  They have very much the same programs and ministries like we have here: youth, sacramental preparation, pastoral care, care for the poor, finance, maintenance, etc.  The difference is that only 2 priests and a cook are on their payroll.  They have a large number of Parish Pastoral Council Members.  Each member is in charge of a different ministry such as liturgy, music, ushering, answering phones, bookkeeping, finance, maintenance, mail delivery, sacramental preparation, etc.

Well! That is their way of administering the parish and we don’t have any intention to copy them.  I am very grateful to all of you, the members of this parish, especially those who are involved in ministries.  Your services make a difference in the life of this community.  As you know, we had 4 active priests and 3 permanent deacons in Medicine Hat.  But since last month we have only 2 priests and 2 deacons.  Deacon Bill left to his hometown.  Fr. Matthew moved to Calgary and Fr. Alphonse has 6 months off to finish his mission project.  The amount of work is the same so I rely on your help especially the people in ministries that work closely with me in administration.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, you may contact the following people by either phone or email:

  1. Parish Pastoral Council: Ted McIntosh, Louella Berger, Blaine Nowicki, Gaston Dostie, Michael Stafford-Mayer, Ken Graumans, Sharon Stolz, Colette Wagner and Pat Dorward.
  2. Parish Finance Council: Karen Melle, Fabian Delwo, Mark Dumanowski, Kevin Stenhouse and Howard Snodgrass.
  3. Baptismal Font Planning Committee: Ed Benning, George Kambeitz, Mel Derzaph, Marlene Kurtz and Russ Holowachuk.
  4. Stained Glass Window Planning Committee: Ed Benning, George Kambeitz, Mel Derzaph, Karen Melle, Teresa Studer, and Cecilia Arango McKeigue.

Their names will be in bulletin the next 2 weeks.  After that only the chairpersons` names will appear on the front page of bulletin.

Again, I am very grateful to all of you and I hope we will always work together for the Glory of God.