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March 18, 2018

Holy Week is approaching.  Have you done anything to prepare yourself yet?  Prayers, fasting and almsgiving are still available.  I’d also like you to set a little time every day to reflect on the questions below.


  • What are the facts of Jesus’ execution in the Gospels?

  • Jesus died a criminal, didn’t he?

  • Who were responsible for the death of Jesus?

  • Was Jesus a Zealot?

  • Simon Peter “Bar-Jona” probably means, Simon Peter, the Terrorist,” don’t you agree?

  • What were the reasons for Jesus’ condemnation?

  • Do you see the inscription on the crucifix? “INRI” “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.”  What does it mean?

  • What is the date of the crucifixion?

  • Trial:  What were the charges? Religious and political?

  • Who was there, at the Passion?

  • The crowds, who were they?

  • Religious leaders, who were they?

  • Judas Iscariot, what was going on in his mind?

  • Pilate, what happened to him later on?

  • Herod, the fox, who was he?

  • The Apostles, a fearful group, anyone left at the foot of the cross?

  • The women at the Passion, who were they?

  • Where was Mary during those days?


If you reflect on these questions and find the answers for yourself, the journey with the Lord during his Holy Week will surely deepen your relationship with him.