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January 31, 2016

When he presented his passport at the airport, a custom officer asked him, “Are you a priest”?  “Yes,” he replied, “I’m a Catholic priest.”  “Welcome Father,” she continued.  The communist agents rarely call a priest “father.”  The priest guessed that that agent might be a Catholic.

-What is the purpose of your visit this time?

-Well, there is a sickness in the family.

-Sorry to hear that father.  But if you come to visit your family, please don’t do anything as a priest.  Priests are not welcome here.

The Prophet Jesus had become famous and went back to his hometown and the people rejected him.  What a shame!  We would be proud if any of our Hatters joined the prestige of this world and we would have welcomed him/her as a celebrity, wouldn’t we?  But the people are not always reasonable!

I wonder how Jesus feels while being rejected.  Rejection seems to be the fate of those who do what is good and right. The message of Jesus as well as the teaching of the Church is often met with skepticism and even a tinge of hostility!

Last week two Syrian families arrived in Medicine Hat under the sponsorship of Holy Family Parish and St. Patrick’s.  We would like you to welcome them.  In a way, they are prophets among us.  By their lives, their struggles, their appreciation and your generosity, they proclaim the message of God who cares for each and everyone in this beautiful world.

If you can help in any way, please contact Pat Ries at 403-527-8915;

Or Annabel 403-548-0533