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Saturday 5:00pm
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Saturday 3:00 - 4:00pm
or by appointment

June 19, 2016


  1. Each of us should know and rejoice in our own dignity as children of God. But each other person is as good as we are in the eyes of God, equally a brother or sister of Christ.
  2. The first duty of a Christian towards his neighbour is to give her the proper dignity as a child of God. Allow him or her to be what he or she is.
  3. It is only if you know your worth in God's eyes, and that worth is respected by others, that you can reasonably be asked to deny yourself. Christ only asks you to deny yourself when he makes you his brother/sister, a child of the Father, finds you with his love, gives you the Holy Spirit and comes to you in the Eucharist. Yet he does ask you to deny yourself. You cannot be truly a Christian if there is no voluntary self-denial in your life. There are things that must be done, others that must be avoided, for his sake, as he says in the gospel today. Remember that if you are not sufficiently in control of yourself to deny yourself, then you are not free at all, but enslaved to your inclinations, pleasures, public opinions or whatever.
  4. Keep an eye on the one they pierced on the cross. That's the Master you profess to follow. And remember that he is pierced often today in his members: the oppressed, the poverty-stricken, the sick, the neglected. Look around you at the pierced ones whom you can help to the dignity you claim for yourself.