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February 5, 2017

I received a message from the secretary when I was at the hospital parking lot.  A parishioner called for a priest to visit his friend’s friend.  I was kind of reluctant to go back in again after 2 hours of visiting already, but a few minutes later I found myself in the ICU.  The nurse asked if I would like to have some privacy.  He went out and closed the curtains.  Here was a lady on life support.  I never met her before.  I called her name and she did not respond at all.  I prayed for a while then I thought I should give her the Sacrament of Anointing and general absolution.  But if she was not baptized, she could not receive other sacraments which wouldn’t have any effects on her.  Then I baptized her conditionally.  Another thought came to my mind.  If she has been baptized before, my baptism would not be effective. We don’t re-do baptism.  It is once and for all.  What should I do?  I gave her the general absolution and the Last Rite which normally the newly baptized doesn’t need since baptism cleanses all sins and gives a new life.  Doing “double-double” I made sure that in either way she was covered!

I knew that I needed a form of consent from the patient or from her guardian to offer sacraments to her. I took her blink of her eye as a “Yes.”  I also recalled the word of Jesus: “You are the salt of the earth; you are the light of the world.” Every Christian has to be salt and has to be light.

Salt is:

  • a presentative agent

  • an antiseptic agent

  • a seasoning to add flavor

  • always positive

Light is:

  • a signal

  • a guide

  • to penetrate the darkness

  • to prevent sin (as security light)

  • to produce growth (in plants, animals and people)

  • to give warmth and energy

  • not to exist for itself but for the objects it lightens.

Well, in offering sacraments for that lady, I wonder which aspects of salt and light did I demonstrate myself?