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JANUARY 29, 2017

Dear People of God,

Every morning I spend my time in the chapel thanking God for your life and your blessings.  You, the People of God, have shown your faithfulness and love to this parish community through your worship, your prayers, your donations, your service and your works of charity. 

With all of your contributions we have sustained many ministries in the parish and maintained our church expenses, i.e. staff salaries, utilities, church maintenance, rectory maintenance, our program expenses, and supplies for the parish office.  

You also contribute to the different charity agencies, parishes and other organizations of the universal Church such as Together in Action, Holy Land, Evangelization of the Nations, the Pope’s Pastoral Work, the Needs of the Church in Canada, St. Vincent de Paul, Mission Mexico, the Foodbank, Pregnancy Support, the Woman’s Shelter,

the Champion Centre and those in need who come to our door.  St. Agnes in Carstairs, Holy Trinity in Blairmore and the people in Siksika Reserve really appreciate your financial help in time of struggle.

One day in my prayer of the Liturgy of the Hour, it came up with a reading from the Book of Deuteronomy: "You shall not appear before the LORD empty handed; all shall give as they are able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God that he has given you" (Deut. 16: 16-17).  Those words remind me that every good thing in life comes from the generosity of God.  Our works of charity, donations and services are nothing more than the way we return our gratitude to God, the loving Father.  Last year we had the privilege to receive some generous bequests from the estates of our parishioners. After prayerful consideration, you may also wish to include the parish in your estate plan.  We have established the tradition to offer the Eucharist for our benefactors every last Saturday of the month.  You are to be prayed for and remembered even after you have gone from this earthly life.

I would like to thank all of you personally as you look after Fr. Albert very well.  I also thank individual volunteers in all the different ministries and organizations.    For myself, Fr. Albert and the staff, we want to contribute the best we can for the benefits of this parish.  We can do it only with your help and contributions.  Thanks again and may God bless you.

In the Love of Christ