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Sharing a Catholic Perspective

The Events and Happenings in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary

The Carillon is primarily a newsletter from the Bishop and the Offices at the Catholic Pastoral Centre out to the parishes in the Diocese of Calgary.

The Carillon is a diocesan newsletter distributed to 20,000 Catholic families at church on the first Sunday of each month. The content of the newsletter is chosen from local submissions. and strives to reflect the Canadian Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Calgary (southern Alberta).

How did our diocesan paper get its name?

In the mid-1990s, a diocesan commission held a synod and their newsletter was called The Carillon because it was a vehicle for sharing the information from the synod meetings. It was good news. After the synod committee disbanded, and the newsletter publication ceased and we adopted the name. We are ringing out the Good News in our diocese!

What is a Carillon? A carillon is a group of 23-72 bells that 'ring out the good news' through music. There are not many 'real' carillons around anymore... only about 200 in North America. St. Mary's Cathedral has four bells that ring, these are called a "chime" only because there are fewer than 23 bells ringing. The city of Calgary has an electronic carillon that rings from the Calgary Tower every day at noon. Visit Wikipedia to learn more about carillon.